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Skvělá postřehová hra. Trefujte se do prázdné plechovky od pití, která se nesmí dotknout země !!! Hra u které se zaručeně zaseknete.


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    Lowe has done it again. I own 2 other Lowe bags (one being my expedition baacpkck for camping and a computrekker). I swear by their design innovation and attention to using professional grade materials.I use the SlingShot 100 AW everyday. Photo ops come up at any second. You have to be ready and the SlingShot allows you to be there. It comfortably holds my DSLR Rebel XT, 430EX flash, 5 memory cards, cables, power adapter, 24mm lens, 85mm lens, 100mm macro lens and the attached 18-55mm lens.The INGENIOUS sling design is easy to use. Simply rotate unzip the main compartment (everything stays in because the closeable buckles prohibit you from opening it up too far) and easily lift the camera out in shooting position.While the camera is out, the bag hangs comfortable around the front and I use it to rest my elbow on while shooting (an added bonus! stability).The stabilizing strap can be hidden away, very NICE touch. And easily pulled out when needed.The all-weather (AW) hidden cover comes out and protects in a downpour. Another great idea.The microfiber LCD protector, numerous pockets are added bonuses, but the TRUE BEAUTY OF THIS BAG is that it allows QUICK, EASY AND SECURE motion from storage to shoot.I got the 100 because I\'m smaller and prefer a smaller bag. If I need to absolutely carry more lenses and gear, I\'ll most likely be going somewhere where I\'m going to be stationary so I\'ll use my Lowe computrekker.But as for being in the field, and being ready at moments notice the SlingShot is it.UPDATE JULY 2008:=================I sold this bag. Not because it was bad I got more stuff and bought the next size up! I own the Slingshot 200 now and it is just as versatile, convenient and durable. LoweProducts are the way to go. [url=]sqsdyiifji[/url] [link=]awgpdi[/link]

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  • aWdUs0oMy, F9V1bvubG1 09.10.13

    Sep27 SamThis is awesome.My son isn\'t quite old eungoh for a slingshot, but I might have to make one for myself to reenact the good old days with my Wrist Rocket.I really like the paper arrows. Much better for a child than the rocks and ball bearings I use to use .Reply

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