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Cannonball Ride

Cannonball Ride

Nová postřehová hra, ve které budete muset vystřelit vaše pěšáky až do cíle a přitom sesbírat co nejvíce peněz, které můžete využít na různá vylepšení.…


Boomerang Chang 2

Boomerang Chang 2

Vydejte se s hrdinou Ninja na dobrodružnou výpravu, ve které na vás budou čekat nebezpečná monstra a bossové, jenž zneškodníte pomocí vašeho smrtícího bumerangu.…




Se svým hrdinou v plášti budete muset chytit padoucha, který unesl princeznu. Sbírejte během své cesty zlaté mince a pokuste se padoucha doběhnout.…


Newspaper Boy Halloween

Newspaper Boy Halloween

Legendární hra Newspaper Boy se vrací ve své speciální edici. V roli kluka rozhazujícího čerstvé noviny budete tentokrát rozhazovat vybuchující dýně a to přímo ke dveřím vašich sousedů.…

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    You can read one thousand and eitghy-eight reviews for the Apple iPod nano 8 GB BlueNEWEST MODEL on Amazon.Sample review:this is my 6th portable digital music device so far, and i tried to avoid ipods because they always got bad reviews for malfunctioning and lacking features. this on is a different story. not only is this ipod the thinnest ipod ever made (you can stop here, apple, any further and it will vanish), its made smart, and so far its a pretty good buy for me. unlike everyone thinks cover flow cant be turned off, it can. instantly after i connected my ipod for the first time to itunes a new firmware update popped up, and one of the updates was an option to turn off cover flow, among other things.+ pros-incredibly thin. i cant even tell its in my pocket-aluminum casing and glass screen offer excellent scratch resistence-very light-very competitive pricing 16 gb for what the nano offers is the most affordble nano ever. the apple reputation has never been so attainable.- accelerometer this adds a few fun touches to operate without pressing buttons, is very useful for rotation on the screen when viewing pictures or watching videos. games are now actually very interesting- screen clarity-simplicity of use-lots of colours to choose from- consITUNES although itunes is the gold standard in today\'s media players, it has a tendency to use a massive amount of resources on any pc, and runs without question parallel to quicktime. if any quirks manage to occur, renstallation is required- battery life other than uninterrupted music playback very disappointing, especially while playing games-everything is automated this pertains to 1, the fact the ipod will turn on when i put in headphones, and the rest to itunes, which tries to sync entire libraries worth of music onto foreign ipods, like friends\' and family-Apple decided to require either their brand or certification to all ipod accessories, so to anyone that has bose or othere expensive docks and such, this might be a deal breakerer, then i suppose theres a both category-genius- theres something i havent noticed people mention, or if they do, its complaints. Genius is an absolutely worthless feature when used on the ipod. It works with only about 25% of PURCHASES. And it doesn\'t make a very satisfying playlist even when it does work. But honestly who should expect that? When you use genius on, itunes, yeah it still sucks at making playlists, and it is frustrating, but it\'s an excellent tool for finding new music, because it reccomends a huge list of new songs and different artists that usually appeal to your taste.overall a big improvement compared to other ipods ive seen. the pricing and compactness, features and ease of use stand out, though the battery life and new accesory restrictions leave something to be desired. (get the 16 gb if you really want movies, or go for the classic or touch, which are both equally appealing) i give the nano ****. na Facebooku

Pozor šéf

Pozor šéf

Když bude Váš šéf nablízku, postačí jen stisknout toto tlačítko, které Vám zachrání kůži. Najdete jej všude na tomto serveru.